Lighting offer

Each brand in our offer is recognizable by specific strength and philosophy.It is up to you to adapt them to the interior with our help and to find the right place for them together,respecting the aestherics and functionality. Our staff listens to the requrements and expectations of custumers and accordingly helps to improve the living or working space.


The brand was created in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, an entrepreneur who has been working in the lighting industry for more than 25 years.

OLEV was the first brand to launch a full range of LED-based decorative lamps.

We work closely with lighting designers, architects, and interior designers.

Our flexible production allows us to produce soundabsorbing lamps, lamps that filter and purify the air, lamps that reproduce the variation of natural light in a completely automatic way.

All OLEV’s lights are made in Italy, and the handmade finishes make for the unique Italian artisanal touch.


Established in 1957, Reggiani is now an International benchmark in the lighting industry, a community of lighting experts that provides its customers with cutting-edge technological solutions with an open, collaborative and problem solving approach.

The constant development of innovative products and the expertise gained in over 60 years of activity in the field has outlined an increasingly open exchange with the world of lighting designers and architects, with whom Reggiani has established a relationship funded on sharing ideas and best practices and to whom Reggiani provides solutions and support to meet any creative requirement.

A family run business means an eye for detail, exceptional service levels and a strong personal contact. The client’s satisfaction is always the first goal.

Reggiani has a widespread distribution in 80 Countries worldwide and its offices in Italy, USA, UK, China, France and Russia cover an area of 110,000 m2, including areas devoted to production, offices, showrooms and warehouses.


Terzani continues to redefine the way luxury lighting is designed and produced. Through experimentation with new production methods and forward-thinking ideas, it has become known for designs that use sculpture, light, shadow and motion to reshape spaces.

These handmade products sit at the intersection of art, luxury and design. Respecting Terzaniʼs artisan tradition, each “lighting sculpture” continues to incorporate traditional methods of processing glass and metal, along with giving individual attention to the every detail.


TOOY lamps are decorative elements with a strong aesthetic sense – simple in apparence, though highly sophisticated – which give an added value to any ambience in which they are used. Its collections offer a complete range of fittings, unique and with a strong identity, to fully satisfy the different markets’ needs.

Inspired by the idea of creating highly propositive products in the decorative lighting panorama, TOOY offers a variety of lighting types, combining materials and finishes chosen with a keen eye to current trends, which make its products suitable to both the private and the contract sectors. Discover the collections.


Since 1945, thanks to their expressive power, the iconic forms of the products made by Oluce articulate a visual grammar that becomes narrative: stories, suggestions, emotions are revealed through the profile of the lamps.

The evocative power of illumination is as important as its functional potentials, capable of translating objects into ideas and insights.


Almost 30 years after its founding, is still a firmly established player in the field of technically and design-wise ambitious luminaires. Repeatedly we give new impetus to the market with designs that bring together elaborate lighting solution, new technologies and design innovations. For the development of our novelties we take the liberty to decelerate:

Only when the perfect combination between light, technology and design is identified and the developed luminaire simply cannot be advanced further or changed, we bring it to the market. This way we ensure that our enthusiasm for the future of the light comes alive with each and every of our products.


Recently inaugurated in the hinterland of the Laguna, the new administrative premises of the company reflect the fine lines and the quality of materials which characterize the Vistosi brand. This is the place where industrial strategies and creative design meet.

The blend used for blowing the Vistosi glass has exclusive features: it guarantees the strength and shine of the materials through time and yet it remains the product of a handcrafted process. The glass factory is the core of the glass blowing art, safeguarded by the hands of experienced masters who don’t refuse to face the challenge of manufacturing the new lines and textures born from the designers’ creativity.


Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile. This is thanks to the use of a new generation of materials and special manual assembly of parts that, once put together, give life to a luxurious, figurative panorama.

From 1994 to the present: Collaborations, Recognition, and the most Significant Moments of the Brand’s History.

Nemo lighting

Nemo, founded in Milan in 1993 by Franco Cassina, is a reference name that has its roots in a history of innovations that has always inspired Italian design. Owned by Federico Palazzari since 2012, Nemo creates “The Masters” collection, a unique selection of lamps designed by the masters of the twentieth century such as Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini and Kazuhide Takahama. Alongside these projects, Nemo also dedicates itself to the creation of contemporary icons by collaborating with designers including Mario Bellini, Jean Nouvel, Andrea Branzi, Bernhard Osann and Arihiro Miyake.

In 2020, following the acquisition of the historical Turin-based lighting company Ilti Luce, it comes to life Nemo Studio which is committed to the research and development of innovative solutions for architectural lighting design in the museum, retail and outdoor sectors.


Viabizzuno is the name of the main road of the small village bizzuno located in the province of ravenna, where I was born on the 21 07 1955 at n°17, between the ‘casa del popolo’ and the local parish church. from here the name of the factory founded in nineteen ninety-four represented by a white space intersected by two lines. one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean: the light for the light. the other one dynamic, irreverent, ironic: the light for the form. separate and yet complementary they cast in the same name: Viabizzuno.


BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING S.A. strategy is based on detailed planning and designing, aiming at the most satisfying operational and aesthetical result.

The company’s technological approach as well as the quality and endurance of its products fully comply with the highest European specifications. As a result, BRIGHT has achieved a top rank position in the Greek market of luminaries’ production and light planning.

Font barcelona

Font Barcelona designs and manufactures timeless electrical devices that combine beauty and the latest technology with locally sourced, high-quality materials and craft production processes that are tailored to each project, offering limitless possibilities of personalisation that add a singular touch to any space.

We know that it’s the small details that make the difference. Since 1950, Font Design Group, a family-owned local manufacturer of electrical products, has been incorporating the virtues of craftsmanship and innovative design into the production of its high-end switches and sockets, creating pieces of art that make each architectural project unique, ensuring that it stands out from the rest.

This philosophy encouraging distinction has turned Font Design Group products into the most award-winning ones in the electrical product market.


Masiero has been imagining, developing and producing high-end decorative lamps for interiors and exteriors since 1981. Technical ability, passion for technology and design: these are the elements that combined together make the Masiero brand unique.

The Masiero collections express a perfect balance between technical know-how and sophisticated aesthetics, ranging from classic products to contemporary items, for interiors and exteriors.


Imagine a team of research departments that study technical lighting solutions that are fully customised to meet your project requirements. Cutting edge know-how in LED technology that guarantees quality, sustainability, and efficiency in any situation. A group of companies that is organised into a flexible network of technologies and skills, capable of dealing with each step of the process to create products for all demands with 100% Italian quality. Together with Linea Light Group all your ideas come to light.

Ideal lux

Founded in 1974, Ideal Lux is born as a small reality led by the intuition of creating a current product, but at the same time affordable for a wide bracket of public, a target that is still being pursued today.

Our ambition is to keep into one unique brand the widest variety possible of styles, adequate to the trends of the sector, which is able to range from the classic decorative style to the modern one, from outdoor products to the technical ones. The attention to the people is central. We listen to better understand their needs in order to answer, not only to a function, but also most importantly, to a lifestyle.

MM Lampadari

MM Lampadari is founded in 1966 as an artisan business in Quero, Belluno province; combining Antonio Miotto’s skills in wrought iron with Tullio Mazzocco,s experience in the mechanical field. The name MM Lampadari comes from the surnames of the two founders. The firm works as a contractor for major Italian exhibitions.

We believe that a really good idea conceals inimitable potential if many minds are involved. Ours, our customers’, our designers’. We call it collaboration, but it has always been the driver of our growth. It’s the key to our creation of unique pieces, tailor-made for every project. Including the most ambitious.


Light, according to KDLN, is poetry and beauty, functionality and technique, simplicity and character. A universal language, a unique and versatile style, that draws on the past in an interpretation that is original and contemporary. From domestic to contract, each project is consistent with the company’s identity.

Key values: attention to quality, reliability and concreteness. Together with an out-of-the-box creativity that KDLN shares with established designers as well as with emerging talents.


Right from ancient times, the intrinsic qualities of porcelain have made it a valuable, distinctive element. Particularly fine raw materials are used to produce porcelain, such as kaolin, feldspars and quartz.

Genuine porcelain can be recognised by its naturally bright, shiny appearance.

Porcelain is widely used in the furnishing sector, both for its superb decorative qualities and because it does not deteriorate with age.

Porcelain boasts not only a beautiful appearance, however; it is also well known for its outstanding technical qualities. Despite its fragile appearance, porcelain actually has excellent shock and scratch resistance, as well as being a superb insulating material, used worldwide to insulate electrical wiring.

You will find all of these features in our electrical products, the hallmark of which is beauty teamed with quality and safety every time.


GEWISS S.p.a. is the Parent Company of Gewiss Group. It has its registered offices in Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) and production facilities at Cenate Sotto (Bergamo), Cenate Sopra (Bergamo) and Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza).

Since early 2000, its new logistics/technological hub has also been operative, based in Calcinate (Bergamo), a strategic location which can serve the entire central European area within a 1,000 Km radius.


We manufacture high quality technical lighting in modern design at affordable prices. ONE Light supplies lighting to wholesalers in 62 countries.

ONE Light has an internal graphics design department that designs every single product package, the annual catalogue and website. All product photos are taken in our own photo studio.