Lighting ideas for open-space kitchen and living room

Lighting ideas for open-space kitchen and living room

The open space kitchen and living room was born in American architecture and is increasingly popular in Italians homes. It is a focal space of the house, the one where the family comes together to spend time together and share conviviality thanks to the large spaces reformulated on a human scale.

Within the space it is appropriate to delimit the areas, distinguishing the kitchen from the dining room and the living area. To do this in addition to the furniture you can use the lighting design to emphasize this distinction.

The search for lighting solutions of an open space should start from the study of space. The most important lighting points should also be chosen according to the type of lighting you want, recessed spotlights, LED spotlights or chandeliers.

The furniture plays a primary role in the choice: a suspension in the middle of the room integrates perfectly with an elegant and classic space, while minimal solutions such as spotlights or design suspensions illuminate better a minimal space. In the choice it is to consider that straight and geometric lines follow the verticality of modern furniture, while the rounder shapes can soften the whole.

Thanks to the creation of separate areas within a single space the family will have the areas suitable for every moment. A very important light point is the one that will light up the dining table, where the moments of conviviality are spent.

The relax area, with its sofas and armchairs, is the most relaxing heart of the house where you can spend your free time having long evenings chatting, reading books and watching movies with friends and it needs a dedicated lighting.

The ideal is to establish more points of light in this area, perhaps using floor lamps next to the armchair, rather than a chandelier that lightly illuminates the room or spotlights that are the ideal solution in the darkest corners. To light up a dining table or the island in the kitchen, it is ideal to choose a suspension with a straight and clean line.

You can range from the Olà collection, choosing the oval suspension, perfect to illuminate the kitchen island giving a touch of preciousness

Interior of Scandinavian style dining room.


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