Furniture offer

For us,furniture is not just beds,chair,tables…furniture is an important part of your everyday life,it makes your home functional and comfortable,shows your style and taste,follow changes in trends,follow your life changes, by depending on them and he changes.Imagine what life without furniture would look like and you will see that we are right. Because we feel a great responsibility,because we are a part of you life ,we decided to make the furniture we offer in a perfect balance of price and quality.

Slide design

Design is inspiration, surprise, joy. It is the amazement to see something unique for the first time. It means creating spaces to feel good and live surrounded by beauty. Design is giving a personal touch to indoor and outdoor spaces and choosing your own ideal element that is the perfect landscape of emotions and experiences, which become unforgettable memories.

Giò Colonna Romano knows it well, when he founded SLIDE in 2002: his fancy fantasy matches perfectly with his thirty-year know how in the processing of plastic resins. The first note of amazement is the luminous furniture, which immediately became a must-have in the world of events. Since 2015, his son Marco Colonna Romano has taken over the company with his father’s same desire to grow and innovate.


The combination of past and future is expressed above all in the choices we make today. Together, because we are a family, an eclectic experience that has gone through three generations. The real choice was to build our house right here, where our production is carried out, so that everyone could see it, especially those who contributed to it. And everyone could decide to be a part of it.

Our job is a vital emotion for us, which motivates us to take advantage of the sound structure of our past in order to experiment with innovative solutions and successfully meet the challenges of the modern world. This is how we treasure the pleasure to imagine, design and create something that was not there before… and that is here now.


We strongly believe that our goal consists in letting customer personalise his/her furniture, that is why our department committed to the production of custom-made furniture is continuously developing in order to guarantee fast lead times and also with derisory charge.

Our proposals, through different styles and many finishes, are able to instil personality both to a classical and majestic furniture and a space with essential and modern design. Whatever style you may have, you would definitely fall in love with wood and leather once you have discovered the incredible potentiality that these timeless materials hold. We follow all the phases of production daily, starting from raw material in order to guarantee a unique and high quality product.


Antrax IT is situated just 40 km from Venice, and the company specialises in the manufacture and sale of designer radiators and fireplaces affording superior styling value.

Antrax It started out as a family-run business in 1997, and it initially broached the market with its production of fireplaces, subsequently extending its product range by creating radiators and heated towel rails.

Antrax’s main strengths have from the onset been the use of innovative materials and the pursuit of original shapes. Each radiator is functional yet at the same time also attractive, thus becoming a genuine part of the interior furnishings, blending in seamlessly with its intended surroundings.

Over the years, the Veneto-based brand has partnered up with a host of internationally-renowned architects and designers, creating unique, eye-catching radiators.


Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the recognized leaders in Italian industrial design since ever. Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder, Aurelio Zanotta, starting from the 1960s it won and has held the international spotlight, thanks to its products: these are emblematic from the viewpoint of formal innovation as well as of technological research, aiming at a continuous evolution in the materials quality and in the production processes. The cultured and precious history of Zanotta is renewed in 2017 thanks to the union with Tecno, launching a common project for the two brands with the consequent strengthening of international synergies and commercial strategies under the leadership of Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of the two brands.


FIAM was born from one man’s passion for glass. Founded by Vittorio Livi in 1973, FIAM designs, develops and produces items of furniture in curved glass, creating them through a combination of craftsmanship and industrial processes, actually merging tradition and innovation, hand-crafting and design. Vittorio

Livi came to know and appreciate glass from a very young age. Glass, solid and fragile, natural and artificial, ancient and industrial all at the same time, is a mass of seeming contradictions, and Livi loved it for just that, as well as for its practical qualities. Glass is environment-friendly and hygienic: it may look simple, because of its transparency, but both its chemistry and its physics are really very complex. And this material of vast potential was virtually only used in the world of furniture for the production of small accessories or ornaments. 

Black Tie

Pursuing the values of an all-Italian elegance, tailoring, beauty and know-how is a prerogative of those who do not surrender to the prevailing homogenizing of good taste that, as a result, lowers the quality level and corrodes the essence.

Every sofa is numbered, equipped with a passport that certifies every feature and accompanies it throughout its remarkably long life. Necessarily produces a limited number of pieces, inspected in every single detail.

Tonin casa

Founded in 1975, Tonin Casa is an Italian brand characterized by elegance and research in the furniture sector.

Unique for the quality and originality of its products that range from tables, coffee-tables, chairs and armchairs, to beds, sideboards, bookcases, as well as lighting and many other accessories and furnishing accessories.

Synthesis of passion, craftsmanship, functionality and new trends in the design sector, Tonin Casa brings the beauty of 100% made in Italy products and Italian design to the world.

Quality, attention to detail and Italian taste to make every space special and meet the most different needs of contemporary living.


The story of Villari began with a love story when, Silvia and Cesare Villari both working in a porcelain
factory got married in 1965.
• In 1967, their passion for porcelain and an entrepreneurial spirit led them to open their own porcelain
factory in Solagna (70 km from Venice).
• At the beginning the company started with porcelain figurines inspired by Capodimonte.
• Villari became famous in the 70’s for the its figurines and its decorative hand-made flowers applied to
cups, vases and chandeliers.
• Nowadays the two daughters Alessandra and Barbara and the son Leone work for the company
• The new generation has launched successfully many new collections : Grande Opera, Limited edition ,
Home fragrances and scented candles